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July Giveaway


Prizes: $1000 Cash (via Paypal)

Organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!

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Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Besides the mandatory blog comment entry, all other entries are optional. Giveaway ends 8/2 and is open worldwide.

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407 thoughts on “$1000 Cash Giveaway – Ends 8/2/14

  1. Anna Pierson

    got a new puppy!

  2. lissa crane

    I spent the day at a friends and had a wonderful time!

  3. JG

    Found out about this sweepstakes by accident while entering a different sweepstakes.

  4. Susan Marks

    Had a great day with grandchildren, had lunch and enjoyed each other

  5. lissa crane

    I went shopping and had a wonderful lunch with my two best friends, my daughters!

  6. Athena Emmanouilidis

    I ate a whole pint of ice cream and then I took a long nap 🙂

  7. Angela P.

    I got caught up on my laundry today.

  8. Tammy Schweitzer

    For me is sleep in so great too caught on zzz here fully rested

  9. My best friends put a down payment on their first home & I’m helping them paint! 😀

  10. Samantha Daleo

    Well, the day is young still but I got to sleep in and my husband made us breakfast. Those are both awesome things.

  11. KellyB

    Had fun taking my girls shopping.

  12. Cristy Ridey

    I woke up to a beautiful day!

  13. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I spoke to both my sons on the phone

  14. Ivette

    Went to the mall

  15. lissa crane

    I had a tea party with my daughter!

  16. Desiree T

    My work day ended, I arrived home safely and got to spend some time with my husband.

  17. Anna Pierson


  18. Tammy Schweitzer

    U gave too say my son telling I am good cook rarely comments

  19. Today is the start of my long weekend 🙂

  20. Colleen Boudreau

    It’s the weekend! 🙂

  21. My little guys let me sleep in!!! 😀

  22. Mandi Smith

    My kids slept late today so I had some Mommy time!! Wooo Hoooo 🙂

  23. KellyB

    Got my house clean(er)!

  24. Elis B.

    I won something a few hours ago.

  25. lissa crane

    I got a good result on a health test from my doctor!

  26. Ivette

    Cooked a great meal for the family!

  27. Found out I’m getting braces… actually kinda excited about it since I’ve had bad teeth for most of my life! I should have a pretty smile by age 36, lol! 😀

  28. Colleen Boudreau

    Nothing today.

  29. Tammy Schweitzer

    I got too sleep in this morning feel refresh now thanks

  30. I would LOVE to win this. This would be an awesome back to school gift and an early birthday present to me.:)

  31. Anna Pierson

    the sun was shining!

  32. Laura Bowman

    I got to wake up in my own bed after being gone for awhile!

  33. KellyB

    I got a chance to catch up with my pregnant sister.

  34. Elis B.

    Won something few hours ago.

  35. Taz W

    thank you.

  36. Taz W

    Thanks For The Giveaway

  37. Ivette

    Watched a movie with the kids

  38. WOW! this is awesome!!

  39. lissa crane

    My husband brought me flowers!

  40. My little guys & I are finally over the flu!! 😀

  41. Anna Pierson

    Today I got to see my sister who lives in Alaska!!!

  42. Tammy Schweitzer

    my blood pressure is fabulous for a chance doctor thrilled like I am

  43. Ivette

    Played mini golf!

  44. Carmen N

    I had my hair cut short – and it looks awesome!

  45. lissa crane

    I had a great dinner with my favorite people in the world!

  46. Colleen Boudreau

    I bought my self some new clothes.

  47. something good will be that my show chasing life comes on!

  48. I hung out with a friend

  49. My ASD little guy should be having a blast at Summer ESY right now… it’s water FUN day 😀

  50. Elis B.

    I won something yesterday.

  51. Robin M

    I found out that my best friend and her husband are coming for a visit!

  52. Ivette

    Went to Target!

  53. lissa crane

    I watched Frozen, again, with my little ones!

  54. Tonya

    I made 5 dozen cupcakes today

  55. Colleen Boudreau

    I ate cake.

  56. The $250 modern mobile chandelier that I saved up for forever to get for my family’s home is coming today!! 😀

  57. Anna Pierson

    Today I began my very first job after finally being able to get over panic attacks! It feels great!

  58. Rise Isom

    I woke to a wonderful morning!

  59. Tara L

    Me & my family enjoyed a nice day at the Cape May Zoo

  60. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I saw both my sons and wives

  61. lissa crane

    I baked a cake with my daughter and had a blast!

  62. Amber D.

    My husband told me we could have another baby! 🙂 So excited!

  63. Colleen Boudreau

    It’s my dad’s birthday!

  64. Ivette

    Relaxed at home

  65. Robin Romanow

    Something good that happened today was the kids got to go to one of their favorite places for dinner, Cracker Barrel. It’s a 25 minute drive away, but worth it : )

    Thanks so much for hosting this lovely giveaway!!!


  66. I dusted, swept, & mopped the house today… my little guys will destroy it in no time, lol! 😉

  67. Anna Pierson

    I love this blog! Thank you for sharing!

  68. Jessica Miller

    I had a hot breakfast with my family. 🙂

  69. Colleen Boudreau

    Nothing yet, it’s still early.

  70. Angi Welsh

    I won a giveaway for the first time. It made my day!

  71. Ivette

    Went shopping!

  72. lissa crane

    I had the day off and enjoyed some me time!

  73. I watched the Titanic & only shed a single tear instead of the usual well, lol! 😉

  74. Colleen Boudreau

    It’s Friday!!

  75. jenn giannetto

    my first grader got a smiley face on his bahavior chart at school today! he is in year round schooling and has good and bad days

  76. Rushi

    I submitted entries for this contest. Thats my good thing of the day

  77. Anne Scott

    The best thing about today is the wonderful weather!

  78. Amy Heffernan

    I found a star fish on the beach!

  79. Elis B.

    won something today

  80. Ivette

    Went to the supermarket!

  81. lissa crane

    I got to clean a ton today and that really makes me happy!

  82. Pam Shepherd

    Thank You for A Great Giveaway.It Would Be Great To Win.Good Luck To Everyone..

  83. My 6 year-old little guy & I are recovering quickly from the flu we had 🙂

  84. Colleen Boudreau

    I talked to my best friend.

  85. Happy for the rain since there are many forest fires that need to be put out!

  86. Andrea

    Today I ran into a friend when I was leaving work and she was telling me about howher neighbors broke into her apartment and stealing things from her and she had to go downtown for something very important and she also had to go downtown tomorrow also for something else and she had to ride her bike because she didn’t have bus money. Even though I’m going through money struggles myself with the bills coming up and my sons birthday party too I gave her some money for the bus because I know what its like having nothing and sometimes not having anyone to reach out for help.

  87. Amy Heffernan

    I found 5 bucks 🙂

  88. omya

    wow i didint this also happens in this world !! free money

  89. Elis B.

    won something today

  90. Ivette

    Went to the hospital to meet the new addition to our family!

  91. Well, my 6 year-old & I have the flu, but we did get to snuggle up and watch movies all day 🙂

  92. Kala

    I made chocolate chip cookies 🙂

  93. lissa crane

    I shared an awesome salad with my son and then we talked and laughed!

  94. Brandi B

    My husband brought home some strawberries.

  95. Colleen Boudreau

    I worked out.

  96. Whitney

    I read a GREAT book!

  97. This morning my little doggie came and laid down right next to me, curled up in a ball. He’s the best!

  98. Silvia Fugate

    I had a great lunch with friends.

  99. Lubka K.

    There is another storm outside… stormy summer here

  100. Ivette

    Had a family bbq at home!!

  101. Samantha Daleo

    My teen daughter came with me to walk the dog today. Its rare and I cherish it every time it actually happens. Priceless time with her while getting healthy and making the dog happy at the same time.

  102. Jo-Ann Brightman

    My knees felt better

  103. Colleen Boudreau

    Cuddled with my cat.

  104. My little guys are happy & healthy! :)))

  105. Stacie Frost

    What a great contest! I am still slowly moving into our new house. Hope to make it feel like home soon!!

  106. Ivette

    jumped on the trampoline with my boys

  107. Laura Bowman

    Got to go to the park with my daughter! It is a beautiful day today.

  108. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I received a gift today

  109. Colleen Boudreau

    Nothing yet!

  110. I’m goin’ out for a smoothie with my 6 year-old little guy! 😀

  111. Ivette

    went to see my mom

  112. Christina

    I moved all the re-purposed furniture into my newly remodeled room! So so excited! Also made some Beauty Society clients smile 🙂

  113. Samantha Daleo

    I got to sleep in with my husband this morning and then he made an amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  114. Colleen Boudreau

    Nothing much.

  115. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I cleaned out one small area of the basement

  116. Lubka K.

    I ve got great book illustrated by fantastic Slovak painter today. I am very happy

  117. I’m takin’ my little guys fishin’! 😀

  118. Thank you so much for the chance to win. The best thing that has happened so far today is that I got to sleep in. It’s the first time in months I’ve had that opportunity *yawn* *stretch*. 🙂

  119. Mary Jo

    I got to spend time with my daughter, just having fun!

  120. lissa crane

    I spoke to a family member that I have not spoken to in a long time and it was a great conversation!

  121. Thanks for the chance to win

  122. Ivette

    Went to the movie theater with my kids

  123. Jenny

    I broke my foot the other day and my husband came home today from a camping trip so I finally have somebody to help me take care of my children. Yay!!

  124. Jennifer

    I finished a week long pet-sitting job.

  125. Colleen Boudreau

    I slept in!

  126. Amy

    My husband cooked dinner!

  127. I got to see my grand children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Em Robin

    I bought 2 new beautiful orchids this morning.

  129. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I cleaned some junk out of the basement

  130. My 5 year old ASD little love tried to pee on the potty, hehe! 😀

  131. Emily A.

    I got to sleep in!!

  132. alex hartford

    Woke up w/a roof over my head

  133. Amy Heffernan

    Moving day! 😀

  134. joy mcfalls

    Spent quality time as a family

  135. lissa crane

    We packed for our camping trip and had so much fun talking and planning! I love family time!

  136. KellyB

    I won $100!

  137. Ivette

    My baby slept all night!!

  138. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I received a gift card today

  139. My 6 year-old helped me with the dishes! 😀

  140. The wildflowers in my garden attracted a beautiful butterfly!

  141. Colleen Boudreau

    Nothing yet.

  142. I found some melting chocolate to use on my granddaughter’s birthday!

  143. Em Robin

    My boss told me the funniest story this morning and I had a huge laugh over it.

  144. Ivette

    Cleaned the house!

  145. I took the kids to Magic Mountain today and went school shopping, so that was nice

  146. lissa crane

    I had a great lunch with an old friend!

  147. Thor Long

    Learned something new today~

  148. I made it to the post office just before closing, hehe! 😀

  149. wen budro

    I had a good morning with my dog at the beach.

  150. Something good that happened to me today is the medicine is working and the swelling in my face is going down.

  151. We got much needed rain here in the desert.

  152. Em Robin

    I slept in for a half hour and still got to work on time.

  153. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I bought salmon on sale

  154. amber kelly

    I woke up and am breathing today and for that I am blessed!

  155. Laura Bowman

    Woke up feeling refreshed! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! 🙂

  156. Rachel Cotton

    I bought my first stroller for my baby due in december!

  157. Elis B.

    Got great deal at the store.

  158. Ivette

    Took the kids to the park!

  159. lissa crane

    My daughter gave me a great compliment!

  160. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I was able to sleep longer

  161. TM

    Awesome blog!

  162. Emily A.

    The weather was gorgeous!!

  163. Em Robin

    My puppies were extra cute this morning.

  164. My ASD little guy didn’t feel overwhelmed when I dropped him off at Summer ESE this morning! 😀

  165. Elis B.

    I won something today

  166. Ivette

    Went biking with the boys!

  167. Colleen Boudreau


  168. lissa crane

    I watched a movie with my daughter and we both laughed!

  169. I got my computer back from the shop.

  170. Found out my work was featured on a popular Furniture Refinishing website! 😀

  171. I have my granddaughter today, that is a good thing!

  172. Em Robin

    My boss gave me a wonderful compliment this morning!

  173. Laura Bowman

    My baby woke up really happy!

  174. Jenna O

    I had an amazing breakfest! Yummy 🙂

  175. Elis B.

    Won something today.

  176. gayle gildehaus

    The weather cooled off tonite.

  177. I got some amazing leads on several new potential clients for my home business! It came at a great time, because I am newly single and was getting very worried about how I was going to make ends meet 🙂 I’m feeling on top of the world today !

  178. Ivette

    Watched a movie with my sons!

  179. Raven Gilbert

    As silly as this is going to sound. I watched Clicked ( with Adam Sandler) a couple days ago. After watching it, I realized, Yes many of my days are difficult with 3 little boys but I need to live in the moment when I still have 3 little boys who love the hardest they can. They need to know I’m always here for them and that I enjoy every minute with them no matter how loud, how many fights or tantrums that day throws at me. Well today is my 3rd day living happy and I’ve noticed a huge change in my household 😀

  180. Kala

    I woke up feeling happy 🙂

  181. Dani'

    My plants grew from cuttings.

  182. My youngest little guy woke me up with a hug! 😀

  183. Em Robin

    I had a terrific night’s sleep

  184. lissa crane

    My daughter made me an adorable picture of the two of us at the park, playing! She’s so sweet!

  185. Jana C

    I packed for vacation!

  186. Good day for Germany, they won the sweet world cup in soccer!

  187. Em Robin

    Had a beautiful day outside.

  188. I received a package

  189. Dani'

    Finished a room renovation.

  190. wen budro

    It briefly stopped raining and I got some sunshine.

  191. crystal gerena

    had a wonderful day with my 4 babies =)

  192. I repainted my dated kitchen cabinets a modern gray! 😀

  193. Amber

    I got to sleep in!

  194. Allicia

    Finding this giveaway!

  195. My cat sang me a song

  196. Em Robin

    I cleaned out my bathroom cabinets.

  197. I have the joy of visiting with an old friend today 😉

  198. Pam Walters

    We had a great time on the river!

  199. The milk paint to finish my kitchen cabinets came in the mail today! 😀

  200. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I made a great cheesecake

  201. Petra V.

    My fiance told me that I’m the awesomest 😀

  202. Ivette

    Thanks for the chance. Good luck everyone!

  203. Sara

    I hd cake for dinner.

  204. Annmarie W.

    My daughter & I went & met my hubby for lunch today!

  205. I was happy that my daughter nursed today- she didn’t for 2 days out of this week, and I feared she was weaning.. http://www.itzybellababy.com/

  206. My ASD little guy is using his voice a lot today!! :)))

  207. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I won a giveaway!

  208. Em Robin

    Big storms this morning gave way to wonderful warm sunshine.

  209. Sarah

    Dinner invitation 🙂

  210. cole marie mckinnon

    A boogie board was just delivered. I won it and didn’t know it until it just arrived. I have two granddaughters who will get some use out of it for sure.

  211. Kala

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  212. Jessie Downey

    I took a nap 😀

  213. Elis B.

    won giveaways

  214. Terri S

    Thanks again for this amazing giveaway!

  215. Ivette

    What an awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  216. Kristen montague

    What a great prize!

  217. I won some books

  218. Sarah

    I had a great hike this morning.

  219. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I only had one small cavity at the dentist

  220. Em Robin

    I woke up feeling terrific!

  221. My little guys are playing nicely together & I haven’t had to play referee once!! 😀

  222. Elis B.

    I won a giveaway.

  223. We got news that the Septic tank has been replaced at the home we are trying to buy!

  224. keri

    i like your blog found it today

  225. cole marie mckinnon

    Rain was predicted for this morning but I was happy to see the sunshine.

  226. Paige Whitman

    I spent a fun day with my daughters at the park. They are 2 and 4 and so much fun. Love spending time with my girls, it’s the best part of everyday. 🙂

  227. Jackie Jernigan

    Thanks for helping sponsor this great giveaway! Looking forward to exploring your site more in depth.

  228. Today I bought my first fresh seedless watermelon of the season.

  229. I was off today so I got a chance to practice my macro photography 🙂

  230. Sara

    Chocolate cake for lunch!

  231. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I was able to buy blueberries at a good price.

  232. Bailey Dexter

    Today a friend called and invited me out to her camp for a few days!

  233. rhoni4

    The scale finally gave me some good numbers.

  234. Em Robin

    I got a ton of stuff done around the house before I left for work this morning!

  235. Hwa Sun

    I went to the beach

  236. Cathy Conrad

    We celebrated our granddaughters last day in the single digits-she’ll be 10 tomorrow!

  237. Danalee Davis

    I had my mom over for dinner.

  238. Bianca

    fresh strawberries and blueberries!

  239. Tammy Dalley

    My boys started summer camp

  240. Germany won the world cup semi final game making some fans fairy happy! Depending on the team you were rooting for…

  241. Sarah Parmeland

    Found everything on my list while unning errands!

  242. Allison

    Getting over a cold!

  243. Ivan McKinnon

    I actually remembered to take my sandwich for lunch at work out of the refrigerator. Typically, I forget to take it.

  244. Rebecca

    Something good that happened today… I am getting the nursery ready for my little man’s arrival!

  245. Rebecca

    Great giveaway! 🙂 Thank you!

  246. Heather Z

    One of the kids slept late… good for me

  247. It’s my ASD little love’s birthday today… the big 5 years old!! I am so proud of him! He’s starting to find his voice & his echolalia is adorable! He makes me so happy!!! 😀

  248. Laura Bowman

    I am packing for the beach today!

  249. Em Robin

    It’s a beautiful sunny morning!

  250. cole marie mckinnon

    My oldest granddaughter, Jade, called me today. Sweet surprise.

  251. Kent Wyatt

    Celebrating a friend’s birthday today.

  252. Ivette

    Received my little one’s 1st b-day invites!!

  253. I was able to have lunch at the park with my boys

  254. kathie hoehn

    Had a really nice lunch to celebrate a friend’s birthday

  255. Irene Ippoliti

    I drove from Maine to Boston!

  256. Went for a nice walk with my neighbour and her doggie.

  257. Bonnie Wilks

    Got lots of things done today.

  258. Em Robin

    This prize would help out my family soooo much!

  259. Em Robin

    I won $350!

  260. Keri Ousley

    I got to hang out with old friends 🙂

  261. Sara

    My boyfriend is taking me to a romantic picnic!

  262. Bailey Dexter

    Today I baked a triple layer choc fudge birthday cake for a friend!

  263. Bailey Dexter

    Today I baked a gluten free triple layer choc fudge birthday cake for a friend!

  264. Completed all needed to be done!!

  265. Dawn Kaestner

    I ate ice cream…and didn’t even feel guilty about it!

  266. I made a good dinner

  267. Yvonne Jones

    I scored a britax carseat for less thatn $100 brand new 🙂

  268. Sents Saver

    I got to leave work early today!

  269. Eric Beck

    And today I went to work. It’s a good day.

  270. Eric Beck

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  271. Thomas

    Sun’s out, weather’s beautiful, life is good!

  272. Ivan McKinnon

    When I arrived at work, one of my co-workers had brought Heavenly donuts for us.

  273. Mary W.


  274. Karen Kerr

    Slept great last night and woke up refreshed and ready for the day.

  275. Laura Bowman

    My darling 7 month old woke up very smiley and happy!

  276. Tiffany Christian

    The sun is out, its hot and we are going swimming!

  277. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I got the garbage out on time for the pickup

  278. samantha mutone

    Stuck to my diet!

  279. Kelly E

    Taking the kids to the zoo. They are so excited!

  280. I’m playin’ terraria with my little guys, hehe! 😀

  281. cole marie mckinnon

    My husband had cleaned out the cats’ litter before I got out of bed. Nice change.

  282. Nicole


  283. Kent Wyatt

    Enjoying the day off!

  284. Ellen Bernstein

    Had a great time at the family picnic yesterday and mother nature was good to us here for the 4th of July weekend, southwest Ohio had great weather. Now its Monday morning and time to get back into our routine. Thanks for the sweepstakes.

  285. Hollie Jahnke

    I bought some new clothes!

  286. Valerie L

    I slept all day

  287. kathie hoehn

    We came home from a short trip and our cats were so happy to see us.

  288. Kim

    I woke up….breathing! 🙂

  289. Howard Steeley

    Thanks for a great contest.

  290. Trevor

    I was able to attend church with my family.

  291. Keri Ousley

    My daughter feels better 🙂

  292. Bonnie Wilks

    Got to visit with my brother today. Had a nice visit.

  293. Janine McNally

    We were able to sell our pop-up camper in one day

  294. Chris

    It was a nice sunny day.

  295. Creslan Williams

    No One got hurt in the Nascar race even though there were 2 huge wrecks

  296. Wendy

    Had a really nice phone call with a friend.

  297. Hideki Yamada

    Our son being there. Could not be a happier event!

  298. Jeanie Hicken

    One thing good that happened today is my son made it home safe from Nebraska.

  299. Heather D

    Today I had time to watch my favorite movie, Pretty Woman!

  300. Colleen Boudreau

    Nothing really so far.

  301. Monique Hanson-Keeler

    I went to church with my husband this morning.

  302. alex hartford

    Woke up to another beautiful day w/my girlfriend & daughter by my side

  303. Kerrin

    Boyfriend said his coworker really enjoyed my cooking!

  304. edna thackeray

    A perfectly beautiful day today!

  305. Karen

    Enjoying my coffee.

  306. Sold 2 more ZOMBIE PIRATES dvds today. Little by little, selling them all off!

  307. Today I can rest up and enjoy my family homelife and garden, I have a fairy buzzy work week ahead of me…Finding this giveaway was real sweet, believe me!!

  308. Amber Conaway

    I don’t have to work today and get to hang out with my son! He’s growing so fast he will be 4 July 23rd!

  309. Sandra Mace

    I woke up feeling completely rested…birds were singing and the sun was shining. What more could I ask for?

  310. I’m goin’ to the beach to go fishin’ with my little guys! 😀

  311. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I got my fan to work again

  312. Irene Ippoliti

    I went to a wedding last night and didn’t wake up with a hangover! Also the wedding was gorgeous!

  313. Ivette

    Thanks for the chance!

  314. Thomas

    Woke up without usual neck pain and feel pretty darn good today.

  315. Kathy Linklater

    It’s only 7am on Sunday, but I put a load in the dryer and another into the washer. That’s a good start. Off to church soon.

  316. Lester Cavey

    I got to enter this sweepstakes!

  317. Susan H

    My autistic son was named worker of the month at his vocational training center. I’m a proud mom!

  318. Sara Underwood

    would love to win!

    • Sara Underwood

      and it’s not raining today!

  319. Carmen

    I picked fresh blueberries and grapes from my own yard this morning to have with my breakfast!!

  320. Kent Wyatt

    I enjoyed a good workout at the gym.

  321. Ivan McKinnon

    I was doing a sweeps entry on Camel and won twenty-five bucks right out of the starting gate. Nice.

  322. I cleaned my apartment

  323. Gigi K

    I could really use a grand right now!

  324. cole marie mckinnon

    I woke up to a pot of fresh coffee thanks to my husband.

  325. Robert Hall

    I made kiwi sherbet and its excellent.

  326. joseph mergist

    Mowed the grass.

  327. Kelly Reynolds

    had a bbq with our friends

  328. Mendy Dinsmore

    A man opened the at a store me.

  329. Philip Lawrence

    I got the main sewer from my house working again after being without the use of any water facilities in my house for 33 days!

  330. Philip Lawrence

    $1,000 would buy a lot of new windows for my house!

  331. Bethany

    I had a date with my love! So happy to be in his arms. 🙂

  332. Hong

    Thanks for the giveaway 😀

  333. Linda Greene

    I slept in till 900 am, and it felt good.

  334. wendi watson

    hung out with friends and played some corn hole and went undefeated

  335. Thank you for being part of this giveaway

  336. krystal wethington

    I got to spend the day with my babies.

  337. Kent Wyatt

    I went swimming for the first time this year. I love Summer!

  338. Matt Kalist

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  339. Heidi Embrey

    Thanks for the giveaway! Today it rained and I watched a movie. Nice right? 🙂

  340. Mallory Dorman

    I’ve been sick all day so I suppose my good thing is that I’m feeling much better this evening:)

  341. Colleen G

    Won $50 on a lottery ticket!

  342. Alicia Stamm

    had a great day at work, boyfriend took me out to a great dinner, and got some of our work done for the big move

  343. Jen S

    I finally cleaned my office/sewing room!

  344. Found a wonderful place to buy my daughter’s wedding cake. I need this $1000. to help pay for a Wedding!!!

  345. Taryn T.

    I got to see my cousin from another state, and enjoy a picnic at a museum.

  346. KellyB

    I got a gift card in the mail that I wasn’t expecting.

  347. Charles T.

    I woke up from a night’s sleep today. Again. And that was good enough for me.

  348. Courtnie

    I got to visit the local Farmers’ Market today.

  349. Colleen Boudreau

    I slept in.

  350. Joan Leonard

    left work 2 hours early

  351. Nicole Rea

    My 1 year old learned to say the word YAY while clapping today. 🙂

  352. Meghan

    watching my kiddo run through sprinklers yelling “this is the best day of my life”!!

  353. Paula Gillespie

    My daughter went to the lake for the fourth of July with her best friend and her family and she comes home today!! I missed her!

  354. Carol Johnson

    Daughter painted a room for me, yea!!

  355. Jennifer Brown

    I woke up and am blessed with another day with my 5 children and husband 🙂

  356. Steve Capell

    Thank you so much for sponsoring such an awesome giveaway. This is GREAT!

  357. Bonnie Wilks

    The weather is quite hot but I’m in where it’s cool. Thankful for that.

  358. kim french

    I’m planning this years family reunion and it’s sooo much fun!

  359. Megan LaVallee

    I bought some fabric for baby projects

  360. Jo-Ann Brightman

    We had no damage from the Arthur storm and I am feeling better.

  361. Audrey H.

    I got to sleep in today.

  362. Ray

    i would go on shopping spree at Cabelas or online at Bass Pro Shop to get fishing gear!

  363. Kim McLendon

    go to the pool

  364. Sally

    Perfect weather here, so I got outside early and did some yard work.

  365. sarah

    got to sleep in today!

  366. Came across this awesome giveaway!!!

  367. to hot outside. good to be on the computer

  368. Matthew P

    Today I helped my grandma do some household chores

  369. michelle Hill

    My kids had fun at the park with a bouncy house and water slide, free lunches and slush!

  370. its cool outside

  371. Marci

    went swimming

  372. Jon Heil

    Relaxed and enjoyed the morning so far

  373. Heather A.

    I woke up in a great mood.

  374. Woke up healthy & happy and to a fresh cup of coffee 🙂

  375. V C

    this is pretty good if it works out!

  376. Neecy

    Slow day at work…

  377. Kathy K.

    My father-in-law stopped by for a visit.

  378. Cathy Morton

    My quilting fabric arrived in the mail today.

  379. Teresa

    I woke up!

  380. Rebecca W

    I’ m about to see family members that I haven’t seen for quite awhile!

  381. Kay

    It’s a beautiful day! Thanks for the giveaway and for the opportunity to win.

  382. Debbie E

    Great three day weekend with family.

  383. Stephanie Bruce

    My two year old woke me up with a kiss and a hug!

  384. Benjamin Kendall

    My Wife and Daughter come home tonight

  385. heather

    i had food in the fridge to eat breakfast

  386. Ivan McKinnon

    It was pouring out and the wind was blowing strongly and suddenly the sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful Independence Day Weekend.

  387. Karen

    Found a nice giveaway.

  388. Luna S

    I got off of work early and spent time with family for the holiday.

  389. alice f

    A really good thing happen to me today….I was able to celebrate the 4th of July with my wonderful husband.

  390. Michelle Hall

    i got to sleep in!

  391. Caitlyn

    It’s not raining!

    • bella

      I am goine to a Baseball game!!!

  392. The best thing that has happened to me so far today is I got caught up on laundry. That never happens as my laundry basket is never ending :).

  393. Kristi Sorg

    My family and I all woke up healthy and happy today! How much better can you get than that!

  394. Amy Heffernan

    Iam taking the kids camping today!

  395. perihan

    thanks this amazing giveaway

  396. Luna S

    Today was a SUPER stressful and terrible day but I will say that one good thing that happened today is I paid all of the bills 🙂

  397. I was able to get a lot of work done on the computer.

  398. Colleen Boudreau

    I won a giveaway.

  399. sharon

    today is a sunny day. good for me!

  400. Judy Thomas

    Thank you so much for sponsoring such an awesome giveaway.

  401. perihan

    Thanks this amazing giveaway 🙂

  402. Amy Heffernan

    Found my old ring i lost 3 months ago

  403. Colleen Boudreau

    I got some clothes that I ordered in the mail.

  404. terri h

    Thanks for the chance to win! Today I mailed a package with items someone purchased from my etsy shop!

  405. Amy Heffernan

    Got another load of stuff moved up to our new place. 🙂

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